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Florida Republicans Not Allowing Insurance Commissioner To Negotiate Lower Premiums

Sabotage and manipulation; those must be the words that float around the Republican closed door meetings on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Yes, we have seen Republicans try to repeal the ACA 40 times in Congress, wasting more than $50 million in taxpayer dollars, but it’s what we do not see that should concern us.

Just say no to anything that makes the ACA look good

Republicans have been on an assault of the ACA ever since its inception. Logically speaking, there is no reason to be against the law, but logical thinking does not mesh well with Republican politics apparently. The ACA helps millions of people get insurance and will end up saving people money in the long run. Unfortunately, because the ACA is coined with the term “Obamacare”, Republicans feel as though they must deny, void, and prevent it from working at all costs.

While Republicans head out on their misinformation and fear campaign about the ACA, more and more people are becoming aware of the positive attributes of the law. The popularity is teetering on the ACA, but knowledge is the key to acceptance. The more people keep talking about what good the ACA will do, the more people are starting to accept it. Well, except for Republicans in office that is.

Queue Florida Republicans

Republican lawmakers in Florida are doing everything they can from letting their citizens benefit from the ACA. The state is preventing the insurance commissioner from being able to negotiate the cost of insurance with insurance companies. By denying the commissioner from doing this, Republicans are denying affordable care to their populace. The Republicans are also going on a “see, I told you so” tour saying that the “ACA is not saving money”. Meanwhile, it is not the ACA that is preventing the cost saving, it is the Republicans. did a fact check on this very issue. What they found is, “Florida grants its insurance commissioner a range of powers. McCarty can negotiate lower rates with companies. He can refuse rates that the state determines to be too high.

The federal government can do neither of those things.

On July 31, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation released projected insurance premiums for policies that will be for sale on the new health insurance marketplaces launching in January 2014 — premiums it has no authority to review.

Our ruling

A letter from Deutch and Florida’s U.S. House Democrats says that the governor and legislators refused to allow the state insurance commissioner to “negotiate lower rates with companies or refuse rates that are too high.” They did precisely that, though they argued that the federal government could step in on Florida’s behalf. It turns out, that’s not how it works. Deutch’s claim about the state’s temporarily diminished powers is True.”

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

When are we going to start holding Republicans accountable for their lies, deceit, and willingness to let the people suffer? All of that just so they can hold on to their political careers. So many people in this country are in desperate need of health insurance. How many people have to die because of lack of insurance coverage before Republicans will get on board with the ACA? This level of vitriol and utter contempt for the ACA by Republicans is rather disgusting.

The people of this country deserve better than a party who does not care about their health and well-being. We need to start electing people to office who want to see the citizens of this country succeed in life, but also be healthy enough to do it. There is an old saying, “your health is your wealth”, but if we keep letting Republicans control the health care debate, we will all be poor.

Watch Rick Scott deny Florida citizens health care and lie about the ACA:

[youtube id=”KK9qkceCOUQ” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


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