Down Goes “Scandal”: IRS’s Tea Party “Scrutiny” Initiated By “Conservative Republican”

The Republican manufactured IRS “scandal” has come to its rightful end, exploding in the face of hypocritical Republicans who attempted to turn this administrative error on the part of a local Ohio IRS office into a national scandal tied to President Obama himself.

As it turns out, the IRS manager who initiated the extra scrutiny that was applied to conservative groups described himself as a “conservative Republican” when interviewed by congressional investigators working on behalf of the House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

In an official interview transcript released on Sunday by Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings, the manager said he and a low-level employee set aside “Tea Party” and “patriot” groups that had applied for tax-exempt status because the organizations appeared to pose a new precedent that could affect future IRS filings.

Cummings, the top Democrat on the committee, was quick to correctly point out that the conservative managers comments provided evidence that politics, and especially a political hit job ordered by President Obama or his administration, was not the driving force behind the IRS actions.

“He is a conservative Republican working for the IRS. I think this interview and these statements go a long way toward showing that the White House was not involved in this,” Cummings told CNN’s “State of the Union” program.

“Based upon everything I’ve seen, the case is solved. And if it were me, I would wrap this case up and move on,” he added.

Just like every other Republican manufactured crisis, this latest “scandal”was exaggerated by hypocritical Republican politicians and FOXNews, in a pathetic attempt to score political points against the Obama White House and deflect attention from the fact that nearly every single Tea Party group in the United States is receiving tax-exempt status from the IRS because they are supposedly not dedicated “exclusively” to political advocacy.

Providing further evidence of the Republican Party’s Obama “witchhunt”, their political hitman, representative Darrell Isa, released his own excerpts of interviews with IRS employees the committee is conducting jointly, but conveniently did not release these statements made by the IRS manager which prove that the attack was not politically motivated.

In true Republican fashion, he cynically decided to double down on his shameless persecution of the Obama White House and plans press ahead with the investigation while saying that the IRS manager’s comments “did not provide anything enlightening or contradict other witness accounts.”

How does Rep. Issa sleep at night, knowing that he is fighting tooth and nail to distract America and bring down our twice-elected President with fake scandals while America is still plagued by the corruption and subsequent job losses of the Bush Administration/Recession?

Of course, this corporatist fraud will not lose a wink of sleep, especially given how brazenly he went on to lie about the results of the IRS investigation.

“I strongly disagree with … Cummings’ assertion that we know everything we need to know about inappropriate targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS,” the California Republican said in a statement released by his office.

The good news is that Cummings, a Maryland Democrat, said he would release a full transcript of the committee’s interviews with IRS officials by the end of this week if Representative Issa does not.

The excerpts of interviews with IRS workers released by Cummings indicate that the IRS manager  first decided to contact Washington, D.C. IRS officials for guidance on the cases from groups aligned with the anti-tax Tea Party movement.

They did so in order to consolidate them, as they might be precedent-setting for future cases, the manager said, according to the interview transcripts.

It was an unidentified Cincinnati IRS worker who reported to the manager, identified as John Shafer by committee aides, who identified the first Tea Party case. That individual has not been interviewed by the committee yet.

Investigators asked Shafer if he believed the decision to centralize the screening of Tea Party applications was intended to target “the president’s political enemies.”

“I do not believe that the screening of these cases had anything to do, other than consistency and identifying issues that needed to have further development,” the manager answered, according to a transcript released by Cummings.

Asked if he believed the White House was involved, the manager replied: “I have no reason to believe that.”

Just like Republicans have done with Benghazi, the Associated Press investigation, and even the “9/11 mosque”, the right-wing echo chamber and their corporatist Republican politicians are wasting valuable taxpayer time and money trying to gin up connections between these fake scandals and the Obama White House, revealing their true intentions to obstruct and distract rather than legislate and govern.

While our sensationalist and complacent corporate mainstream media is happy to follow Representative Issa and the Republican Party down this rabbit hole of deceit and misinformation, it is up to the rest of us that are paying attention to shine a spotlight on their shameless ruse and expose these “scandals” as the opportunistic political hit jobs that they are.

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Watch Rep. Cummings put the final nail in the IRS “scandal’s” coffin BELOW:


Omar Rivero
Omar Rivero is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Occupy Democrats. He studied Industrial Labor and Relations at Cornell University, earned a Masters in European Business from the European School of Management (ESCP-EAP), and is now a political activist.