The Republican Party Is Not Just Two Faced, But Split In Half

With the GOP’s recent fragmentation into it’s various separate war camps, from Libertarians to the Tea Party, Bible-Thumpers to Moderates, things are on unsteady ground as far as the future of the right wing. One thing is certain however, and almost universally agreed upon- voters want a change.

The Pew Research Center recently published a study detailing some of the varied concerns expressed by conservative voters, and the results are staggering- two thirds said their party needed to address major problems in order to be able to compete in future elections, be they congressional or presidential, and a hefty 59% contended that to continue to exist, and receive their votes, the party would need to make alterations to at least one of their core positions.

Across the board, Republican voters are -not- happy with GOP leaders, often even expressing displeasure with those of the same shard as themselves, be they moderate Republicans, or extreme conservatives. While this journalist may agree that there are some things seriously wrong with the GOP, unfortunately however, that’s where the agreeance ends, the reason being that 54% desire for their party to take a more conservative outlook. Never fear, your faith in humanity needn’t be completely gone however, as a surprising 41% actually want a more moderate course to be taken, and 29% would even be willing to contend that their party has not compromised enough in recent years, with the remaining 71% being split fairly equally between the remaining options of, “the right amount” and, “not enough”.

This of course raises the question as to where the voters disenfranchised by the inevitable shift will go. Will the party fragment and lose relevance due to pressure from the voting block coupled with internal power struggles and stress-driven dissent? Will the party lunge sharply to one side or the other, and, if so, for whom do the voters disliking the change of events vote for? Whatever the end result, it appears that an iceberg is looming for Boehner’s Titanic, and the end result isn’t going to be very pretty for those still on board. Probably best to jump ship now onto a lifeboat to safer shores.

What is to be taken from all of this? In reality, that depends on who you are, and what the bigwigs choose to do- in the ideal situation, you welcome ex-Republicans and try to enlighten them in regards to the lies they’ve been fed for years by FOX, and help enlighten their views about their fellow man, help them understand that equality is important, for one and for all. If you happen to be one of the up-and-ups in the GOP, take this simply as advice- you’re a false step away from screwing yourself out of your political career, forever- and let’s face it, if you’re a GOP head, you’ve never worked a day in your life, you have no real world experience, and no job skills. In short, get on the right side of history.


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Ivan Gray
Ivan Gray is a Marxist atheist of Romany, (Gypsy.) and Russian descent.