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Tea Party Leader’s Tweet to Blacks: Stop ‘Bitching and Moaning’ About Slavery (Video)

Glynis Racine, a New Mexico county Tea Party leader has set off a controversy by accusing blacks of “bitching and moaning about how the world owes them living” after slavery, making the dubious claim that “white Irish slaves were treated worse than any other race in the United States.” (News story video below)

Delegitimizing the historical complains of racism made by African-Americans seems to be a reoccurring theme within the Tea Party.

ProgressNow also slammed the racist tweet in a press release:

“In an apparent attempt to contribute to our modern understanding of American history, the tea party leader reminds followers that early American slavery included African and non-African people alike,” wrote the group. “But her quest for ‘facts’ includes her own assertion that all African-Americans are ‘bitching and moaning’ about how the world owes them a living.”

“Glynis is exactly the type of fear mongering leader Fox News and the conservative movement push to the front of their movement,” said Patrick Davis of Progress Now New Mexico. “They shouldn’t be surprised they are having a hard time recruiting blacks, Hispanics or reasonable people of any color to their side.”

After the backlash, Racine defended herself, saying it was time for blacks to “move on” from slavery.

Please watch a video news report on this story and spread her shame on social media forums.

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