Watch Ted Cruz: Christians Shouldn’t be ‘Forced’ to Do Business With Gay People

This week at Houston Baptist University forum on Faith in the Public Square, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz displayed his religious extremism and bigotry with a statement that would make our founding fathers turn in their grave.

When asked whether Christians should be forced to sell wedding cakes to same-sex couples or photograph their marriage ceremonies, the Tea Party “darling” answered:

“Everyone has to reconcile their own faith with how they interact with others, and that’s a choice you’ve got to make based on your understanding of biblical teachings and based on the best understanding you can come to it. I’m very much a believer that the scripture teaches that you hate the sin and love the sinner, and so, you know, from my perspective I am perfectly willing to interact with anybody. Look, I work in the U.S. Congress. But at the same time, I don’t think the law should be forcing Americans to violate their religious faith.”

Here you have it, America. Ted Cruz, considered a front runner for the Republican Party’s 2016 primary nomination, thinks that our gay American brothers and sisters should be legally and blatantly discriminated against by extremist Christians who can’t “reconcile” their bigotry with their “scripture.” While Cruz and his hypocritical ilk decry muslim extremists, they want Christians to be able to descriminate againts gay Americans simply because of their sexual orientation.  Do you really want this man anywhere near the Oval Office?

Watch the video below:

Omar Rivero
Omar Rivero is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Occupy Democrats. He studied Industrial Labor and Relations at Cornell University, earned a Masters in European Business from the European School of Management (ESCP-EAP), and is now a political activist.